4Di - Saving businesses time and money by accelerating speed to value reporting using AI

Automated Reporting for the Digitization of Inspection Services, Civil Engineering and Assets Management Industries

Request Early Access Early sign-up encouraged for those seeking relief from:
  • Manual analysis and those who understand the value of scan data but do not have the resouces or time to process it
  • Unutilized valuable scan data that is piling up local hard drives
  • High-cost local computers that leave analysts glued to a terminal and manual comparison

4Di's technology uses AI to rapidly analyze survey scan data for construction and engineering companies, saving them time, money, and improving customer relationships. As a subscription service, our mission is to deliver the most accurate and effective information to decision makers wherever, whenever needed in a timeline that allows them to take action.

Releasing the Initial Platform

Delta by 4Di

A platform supporting end users and their unique applications or needs
  • An interactive platform that automates measuring change in 3D
  • Connected ( 5G, IoT, intelligent) - built for the next wave of digital information
  • Built for the end-user to access information faster and easier than today, all in the cloud
  • Visualize Data and Run Customized reports, selecting which parameters and deliverables are best suited for each situation and more...

How it Works

Using algorithms and machine learning we are able to automate analysis and deliver customized reports in minutes not hours

1 Manage

Integrated with DropBox, Box, or upload locally. No more local hard drives or IT challenges on where to store and how to access critical data

2 Analyze

Run reports and analysis against the data in minutes
with the push of a button

3 Share

Share and consume critical reports in real-time with the
push of another button

Who is using it Today

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Civil Engineering Firms

Assets Management and Inspection Firms

Survey and Environmental Compliance Firms

Insurance Industries for High-value Assets

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$5,000/ Year

  • Unlimited Storage of Scan Data
  • Quickly Upload Files from Box, Dropbox, or Locally from any Computer (With More Integrations to Come)
  • Generate Surface Analysis and FF/FL (Floor Flatness/Floor Levelness) Reports in Minutes
  • Easily Save and Share Reports
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