About 4Di

We are a small and growing team out of South Boston, Massachusetts. Our aim as a technology company is to support the shift to digital for the greater Civil Engineering and Inspection Services community, and the industries that they support.

4Di or Four-Dimensional Insights is releasing its initial platform (Delta) in the Spring of 2020. Delta will deliver custom applications as services for end-users to query their scan data for specific and unique insights in minutes not hours. We save our customers time and money while improving their customer relationships.

Our Mission

Let your data work for you - 4Di's mission is to be the company that helps bring the analog physical world that AEC is stuck in through the transformation to digital.

Our value proposition is focused on folks who own scanners but choose NOT to scan because of the hours of work needed to analyze that data for critical insight. 4Di will enable digital documentation of anything and everything important to the company or asset owner. There is no CAD Software Training required to achieve what you want with 4Di's DELTA user experience. We have started with a few use cases and will be releasing more and more as demand grows. Contact us today and learn more about becoming part of the story.